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What We Do

Cellphone Repairs

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Our trained technicians will test and accurately diagnose the Cell Phone issue first, making sure to replace only the parts that are causing the problem. We won’t make you pay for something you don’t need! Then, once the repairs are made, we will test your device again to make sure it’s working properly before you leave the store.

Battery Replacements

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A common issue people have with their cellphones is their batteries. At SUS Repairs we offer affordable quick-fix solutions with our quality and service guarantee.

WiFi Connectivity

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Sometimes from wear and tear like being dropped too hard on the floor or too many times, a cellphone may lose its ability to pick up wifi. It may receive a weak signal or nothing at all. Speak to us to get your phone picking up the full wifi signal again.

Screen Replacements

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Smartphones have become increasingly fragile as they have developed. Often people don’t put protective covers and then drop them. The screen cracks to the point it can no longer be used. We can replace the screen for you at affordable prices. Sony, Blackberry, Apple ( iPhone / iPad), LG, Huawei, AG Mobile, Mint Mobile, Samsung, Vodafone, Nokia, Lumia, and Microsoft phones.

Water Damage

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So you’ve dropped your phone in the water while doing the dishes. Don’t panic! At SUS Repairs we can bring your phone back to life in a heartbeat

Network Issues

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A relative or friend overseas may have had an upgrade and has decided to give you their old phone. However, because the phone is from another country it may be blocked. We assist in unlocking such devices.

Sus Repairs

Why Choose Us

Quality Guarantee

Once we have successfully repaired your device and you are happy with its performance. We give our customers a 3 month guarantee on our work.

Professional Service

At SUS Repairs we are very serious about our work, by keeping to world standards in our state of the art workshop to make sure we give you the best service.

Customer Service

Our customers mean the world to us and thats why we go above and beyond to put a smile on your face. We do whatever is necessary for you to leave our store a happy customer.


What People Are Saying

Very happy with the repairs and service, will recommend it to people I know.

Durand John Miller

Very impressed, excellent service. I won a Smart Watch, had problems with the courier company. Raymond went out of his way to assist me. Thank you so much for the great service!

Moira Mc Allister

Absolutely outstanding service. The phone was fixed before I realized it!

Samantha McMaster


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